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Monday, September 21, 2009

Girls Lament: 7 days not long enough

Navajo Bridges, Colorado River south of Lee's Ferry

According to the buzz from the 17 gals who just got off a Canyoneer's Colorado River trip, "Seven days is not enough!"  The girls, giddy with Canyon Fever, cannot seem to get the starry nights, crashing white water and visions of canyon walls out of their heads. "I am still dreaming about it at night," said one new "Canyoneer" in an email to the group today. Those bitten by the Grand Canyon bug may be back again next year.

Adventure travel tips:
- Get 2010 reservations now at
for choice river trip dates.
- bring two pairs of water shoes. My open-toed sandals were my favorites. But they had a chance to dry out when I used my digit-protecting Keens on hikes to magnificent waterfalls.

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