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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Grand Adventure: 7 Days in the Grand Canyon

A tale of fire and ice: a river trip through the Grand Canyon. The air temperature at the bottom of the canyon will be trying to hit the triple digits. FIRE! The icy waters of the Colorado River will be 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It doesn't sound too cold, but with white water waves crashing over the sides of the boat, the spray from the waves will have its chilling affects.

"It's an unusual environment this time of year," says one veteran boatman. You can be really hot and then really cold all on the same day." I was asking about tips for what kind of clothing to pack. "Forget the rain pants, it will be too hot for those," he adds.

Our all-girls river trip launches 9-9-9 from Lee's Ferry just below the Glen Canyon Dam near Page, AZ. I think most of us are going for the scenery, but I have a feeling that this trip will provide the perfect venue for personal discovery and growth. There is still space -- and last minute deals. Call Joy or Cherly at Canyoneers in Flagstaff, AZ... and get onboard for some real Girls Adventure.
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